Hanid Audish DO

Hanid Audish DO

The medical field is in a constant state of evolution, with professionals needing to stay up to date with recent developments pushing the boundaries of innovation to be successful. Naturally, budding professionals and those who would like to learn more about the space turn to seasoned veterans who have experience educating others, contributing to key conversations, and facilitating research.

Hanid Audish DO is a board-certified family medicine physician with a wealth of experience developing innovative treatment options for patients and facilitating clinical research. Through a variety of high-level resources that demystify the medical field and explore key concepts within his areas of expertise, he hopes to help others learn more about the space, contextualize their efforts to reach success, and learn more about the thought leaders responsible for improving access to quality healthcare and improved outcomes.

About Hanid Audish DO

Hanid Audish DO is an experienced, board-certified family medical doctor and clinical researcher with years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Hanid Audish graduated from medical school at Western University of Health Sciences and completed his residency at Downey Regional Medical Center in Downy California before working in family medicine at a small family practice for over a decade. During this time, Hanid Audish DO saw first-hand that patients were often in need of better, more accessible treatment options to manage their conditions. Dr. Audish later harnessed his passion for offering better treatment options to his patients as the driving force for his career in clinical research.

In 2007, Hanid Audish DO joined Encompass Clinical Research in Spring Valley, CA as the Director and Principal Investigator with the goal of helping patients take control of their health through a better understanding of their conditions and the treatment options available to them. He recognizes that access to information about conditions and their day-to-day realities is one of the primary barriers to improving health outcomes for patients in healthcare settings. In the time since beginning his career in clinical research, Dr. Hanid Audish has worked on various clinical research trials and has tested new medications for conditions such as diabetes.

Colleagues of Hanid Audish recognize that he is a professional passionate about seeing patients thrive through new developments in family medicine’s treatment options and best practices. Dr. Audish has built his career on his people-first approach to care and is respected by his peers for the time he takes to address the concerns, thoughts, and questions fielded by patients. In clinical research settings, he is a proponent of safety and remains dedicated to ensuring that all patients who participate in his research are properly supported, comfortable, and safe throughout the duration of trials. Notably, Hanid Audish DO enjoys how his positions as a private practice physician and research study physician empower him to contribute to conversations that push for innovations in quality care techniques and access to state-of-the-art treatment options.

In his free time, Hanid Audish DO is an advocate of work-life balance and enjoys participating in various activities with his wife, three sons, and daughter. A few of his favorite activities include coaching sports and volunteering at his children’s school and the family’s local church. Dr. Hanid Audish also acts as a mentor for young medical professionals counseling them on how to maintain a positive work-life balance and pursue their interests while exploring fruitful career opportunities in the healthcare field.

About Encompass Clinical Research

Founded in 1994, Encompass Clinical Research has been responsible for over 500 clinical research studies to improve treatment options for patients with a variety of conditions. To date, Encompass has had over 8,000 patients participate within the greater San Diego area, and the research center thanks these participants for their contributions to advancements in medical care. As a function of its work, Encompass Clinical Research studies many different health conditions impacting members of our communities facilitating research on weight loss, diabetes, osteoarthritis, pain management, and more. Encompass Clinical Research’s contributions to the clinical research space empower the facility to evaluate promising new investigational medications as well as methods for utilizing currently existing, approved medications in innovative ways for improved health outcomes.

Hanid Audish DO’s Areas of Expertise

Hanid Audish notes that the skills he has accumulated throughout his career in family medicine and clinical research enable him to contribute to his space and continuously work towards improving treatment options for patients. Below are a few of Hanid Audish’s skills and areas of expertise.

  • Family Medicine
  • Clinical Research
  • Analysis
  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Team Building
  • Patient Care
  • Treatment Option Development
  • Osteopathic Medicine

In addition to Hanid Audish’s skills and areas of expertise, he is a proponent of licenses and certifications as a means of staying up to date with recent developments within his space. To this point, he holds licenses in osteopathic medicine and controlled substances and is an advanced cardiovascular life support and basic life support provider.

More from Hanid Audish DO

Hanid Audish recognizes that learning more about the medical field can be daunting for individuals who are just breaking into the space. He believes that professionals within the industry have the responsibility of increasing the accessibility of core concepts by contributing to key conversations within the medical field. To this point, Hanid Audish DO hopes to use this website as a resource for helping others grow their understanding of facets of healthcare such as the development of treatment options, quality patient care, research, development, and more. Future posts from Hanid Audish will include topics such as the characteristics of a successful clinical researcher, recent developments in treatment options for patients, ways to combat burnout as a medical professional, the importance of customer service in healthcare, and updates on trials currently underway at Encompass Clinical Research.

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